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 Pink Punters Reopening 

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 Be prepared before you arrive at Pink Punters 

Install the NHS App

If you've been fully Vaccinated or you've had Covid, the NHS App ‘Covid Pass’ will display your status.
✅ Show your ‘Covid Pass’ on the NHS App when you arrive.
✅ Party safely inside the club with no further restrictions.

If you've taken a Lateral flow Test at home (results in 30 minutes)
✅ Go to the Government website - https://www.gov.uk/report-covid19-result
✅ Enter your result and view on the NHS App, SMS text message or email (a negative result will be valid for 48 hours)
✅ Show your negative result to our staff when you arrive at Pink Punters and enjoy your night
Please contact us if you need any help with this procedure.


Given the simplicity of both the 'Covid Pass' and the lateral flow testing (LFT), we have decided that one of these two measures will be required by all staff and customers before entering the club in the foreseeable future. Both measures require the NHS app. It takes just a few minutes to complete the registration and your vaccines will be displayed there. So if you are fully vaccinated then we strongly suggest that you do this, especially as the covid pass is likely to be required at more and more venues. If you haven’t been vaccinated then you will need to provide evidence of a negative lateral flow test. These are free and very easy to do, being carried out by school children and workforces across the UK. Your results will also be displayed on the NHS app.

We all need to do our bit, both methods are very simple and they ensure that those who are inside the club are as safe as possible. We believe that most of our customers will either be vaccinated or familiar with the LFT system anyway.

Pink Punters is believed to be the first nightclub in the UK to close during the pandemic as we took the voluntary decision to put safety before profit. We did not want to be responsible for the spread of the virus to our customers and staff or their family and friends. Additionally, we chose not to open our doors even when the lockdowns were partially lifted because again, we couldn’t guarantee public safety..

Thank you in advance for working with Pink Punters to beat covid and keep our city safe.
The reopening of Pink Punters will see even greater measures around your safety and security, everyone will be required to play their part.

We'll be operating the premises with a slightly reduced capacity to improve control and the overall experience. Anyone who enters Pink Punters Nightclub in the future will need to be registered either as a ‘Visitor’ or as a ‘Pink Punter’. It’s a free subscription process and registered Pink Punters will always have priority over Visitors.

While purchasing your admission ticket, you’ll be registered automatically as a Visitor. You are strongly advised to register as a Pink Punter, via our website at your own convenience. Photo ID will be required and all details are subject to our normal strict data protection laws.

We are very mindful of the impact our business has on the local environment and growing neighbourhood, we make every effort to reduce or eliminate any problems at the earliest possible opportunity. We have allocated arrival times for your selection, to ensure minimal queue times and maximum comfort for our neighbours during our opening hours.

Please plan to arrive within your chosen time frame, as arriving late will cause your queue time to increase substantially.

If the opening dates were to change due to new government restrictions, your tickets would remain active and be rescheduled, please read our full terms for more information.