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Pink Punters Neighbour Policy


Welcome to our first published Neighbourhood Policy.

The concept was first drafted shortly after the Licensing Act 2003 was introduced in February 2005 and served as an internal guide to ensuring Pink Punters observed the four licensing objectives.

Three years on and the concept has become the benchmark. What started as a guide has now been transformed into a significant policy with a series of robust measures that are designed to continually "Improve our standards" and "Reduce our impact" both inside and outside the club.

It is important that our customers see we are doing all that we can to make their experience a safe and enjoyable one. It is equally important that we do not intrude on the lives of our neighbours in any way.

Going public with the policy is an uncertain step but one that we feel is important. As responsible licensee"s we are prepared to be held accountable for its implementation & success.

We want you to be involved in the review process and so please feel free to comment on these and future measures.

Pink Punters is a family business with family values and we look forward to seeing you inside.


Frank McMahon

Purpose, Vision and Values


To create a safe and enjoyable entertainment venue for members of the Lesbian, Gay, Bi-sexual and Transgender communities, their families and friends.


To be recognised as a ‘World Class’ Lesbian, Gay, Bi-sexual and Transgender venue.

Values Open & Honest

We will demonstrate our commitment to being open and honest in everything that we say and do. We will meet people face to face and deal with all issues as quicky and fairly as possible.

Respect & Courtesy

We will respect ourselves, our staff, our customers and our neighbours and we will strive to ensure the greatest of courtesy at all times regardless of what else is happening.

Acceptance & Support

We will not judge people for who they are or what they want to be. We will accept them as they want to be accepted and we will support them every step of the way.

Integrity & Trust

We will demonstrate our commitment to the highest professional standards and behaviours at all times and in all that we do. Everyone has a right to their private life being confidential and we will do all that we can to protect that.

Responsibility & Accountability

We acknowledge and accept our moral and legal responsibilities and are prepared to be held accountable for our actions at all times.

Innovation & Communication

We will make every effort to be creative and bring new ideas to life. We will share good practice particularly when it is good for our customers, community or the environment.

Quality & Equality

We will always do the best that we can with the resources available. We will treat everyone fairly and without prejudice, regardless of their orientation or background. We will campaign for justice and equality and stand up for what we believe is right regardless of the consequences.

Leadership & Teamwork

We will lead by example and work with others to achieve the best possible results.

Mayor Of Milton Keynes


I am pleased to endorse this policy, which sets out all the ways in which Pink Punters are trying to protect their customers and neighbours alike.

All too often, licensed premises and clubs are out to make huge profits, sometimes with scant regard to anything or anyone else. The decision to outline and publish their commitment in this way is chancy, yet admirable as they can now be challenged by anyone, including the authorities if they fail to meet any of our expectations.

This policy is underpinned by responsible ownership, a quality management team and a highly motivated, dedicated workforce with an excellent attitude towards continuous and professional business development.

Designed to be neighbourhood friendly, for the most part its intention is to improve safety and protect the local community from unwanted nuisance and disruption. However the broad range of measures also demonstrates an extraordinarily high commitment to the UK Licensing Objectives and will serve as a benchmark from which we can all measure their performance..

The club is a welcoming and safe environment, not only inside the building, but outside in the car park and surrounding areas. It is no longer just an entertainment venue for members of the gay, lesbian, bi-sexual and transgender communities, for some, it is a lifeline that provides access to a whole network of friends and support systems.

Pink Punters have outlined their Purpose, Vision and Values and I would like to add my support to their commendable efforts.

Attitudes are contagious and it is these attitudes that I hope catch on!!!

Cllr Mike Barry
Mayor of Milton Keynes (2007-08)

Environment - Chris Londy


Chris Londy
Principal Environmental Health Officer
Milton Keynes Council

The Licensing Act is underpinned by the four licensing objectives, namely:-

  • The prevention of public nuisance
  • The prevention of crime & disorder
  • Public safety
  • The protection of children from harm.

Taking these as a starting point, Pink Punters are to be commended for introducing this neighbourhood policy document which very publicly details their commitment to minimise their impact on their neighbours whilst providing a safe environment for their customers.

Policing - Inspector Paul Bradford


Inspector Paul Bradford
Thames Valley Police

Thames Valley Police are fully committed to Neighbourhood Policing to make sure that we work with our partners to provide a service that is tailored to tackle those issues that are important to local residents.

I appreciate the work that Frank and his team have undertaken to produce this document and from the time I have spent with them believe they are committed to promoting good relationships with their Neighbours and are actively engaged in making improvements where difficulties have been identified.

I look forward to working in partnership with the team, other agencies and local residents to build a safe and secure community.

Important Facts

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Neighbourhood and Noise

Neighbourhood Awareness

We will remain constantly aware that the operation of our club has the potential to interfere with the comfort and enjoyment of our neighbours.

We promise to make every effort to reduce or eliminate any problems at the earliest possible opportunity. Anti-social or Nuisance behaviour will not be tolerated inside or outside the club.

We will introduce Acceptable Behaviour Agreements (ABA"s), a new concept that we anticipate will further reduce unwanted behaviour.

This dynamic process will be continually monitored and reviewed.

Noise Control

The club has installed high quality sound limiters to ensure there are no breaches in the noise levels defined by Milton Keynes Council.

The club has also made and will continue to make considerable investment in sound insulation to ensure that noise pollution is kept to the absolute minimum and in any case within the limits.

Portable external sound meters will be in operation throughout opening hours to help ensure that general noise levels are maintained as low as possible. The measurements will be recorded periodically and on formal requests. The results will help management review and ensure adequate noise control strategies are in place.

Anti-Social Behaviour

Anti-Social behaviour of any description on arrival, during the evening or when leaving the premises will not be tolerated. Offenders risk permanent exclusion for a first offence.

The management will judge individual incidents and acceptable behavior agreements will be made. If necessary, temporary or permanent exclusions will be imposed.

Safety and Surveillance

CCTV Cameras

For the safety and security of the club, its staff and customers, there are over 500 CCTV cameras operating in and around the premises.

This includes coverage of the local area. Unobstructed and immediate access to the data is available on request by the police.

Automatic Number Plate Recognition

An Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) system will be used to monitor and record the details of vehicles particularly taxi's and mini cabs visiting the premises.

The primary purpose of ANPR is to monitor vehicular movements primarily to prevent bogus, unlicensed or illegal minicabs and taxi's operating at the club. The information will remain confidential with the data only being released to the authorities on request.

Car Parking

We aim to eliminate all nuisances parking in residential streets around the club. We will actively direct customers away from these roads using traffic cones, monitored CCTV and staff patrols.

Car parking attendants are employed in order to coordinate vehicle activities and movements around the club. We will do all that we can to prevent drivers taking valuable residential spaces.

Street Cleaning

A street cleaner is employed and has the responsibility of ensuring the local area remains free of litter during opening hours and for a period afterwards, regardless of whether or not it was discarded by our customers.


Alcohol Consumption

We aim to promote safe & sensible drinking at all times. The extended opening hours has reduced the need for binge drinking and allows greater time for more careful consumption.

We will work towards providing health information and services related to alcohol misuse. We want our customers to consume alcohol at a safe and sensible rate that allows them to enjoy themselves safely.

Incapability Policy

Security staff will refuse entry to any individuals who appear to be intoxicated on their arrival.

Our bar staff will refuse the sale of alcohol to anyone who appears to be incapable of consuming it. Management will be alerted and individuals are to be advised of our sensible drinking policy.

In the event that any individual becomes intoxicated, whilst inside the club, a senior manager will decide on the correct course of action. In order to ensure the health, safety and wellbeing of all those involved and to prevent additional nuisance or antisocial behaviour from occuring, it is preferable for us to manage the individual by taking them to a safe area within the club where they can be carefully monitored until they recover. This system will ensure that at least two people (including a member of staff) remain with them throughout.

We will do all that we can to prevent people becoming intoxicated in the first place. In the event that they do however, we will do all that we can to ensure their safety and reduce unwanted public nuisance or anti social behaviour. We will not force intoxicated people out of the club as we feel this puts them and others at unneccesary risk. The senior manager will monitor and review the situation as required.


Zero Drinking & Driving

Pink Punters will promote a "Zero Alcohol & Drive Campaign". Whilst we cannot enforce the measure, we will continue to encourage safe attitudes and behaviours surrounding alcohol intake.

There is sufficient transport to and from the club as well as favourable room rates at the nearby Campanile Hotel to cancel out any need for driving under the influence of any alcohol whatsoever.

Under no circumstances will staff serve alcohol to, or for, customers knowingly or suspected of having consumed excess alcohol and likely to drive a vehicle.

Zero Tolerance to Drugs

Pink Punters will not tolerate the supply or use of drugs on the premises. Any offenders will be excluded immediately.

We will actively promote anti drug campaigns and support all local & national initiatives.

Zero Off Sales

Whilst the club has a license to do so, we have taken the voluntary decision not to allow alcohol to be purchased for consumption after hours.

We believe it increases the risks of litter, broken glass and anti social behaviour, therefore compromising the fundamental principles of our Neighbourhood Policy.


Liaison Group

We are committed to monitoring and improving communications and liaison with our neighbours. We have an open door policy welcoming their comments at all times.

We will facilitate local meetings with any individuals or interested parties on request and we will continue to consult them on any and all issues that affect them.

Police liaison

We will meet with the local police officers on a regular basis and we will work together with them to ensure that they are satisfied with everything taking place. We will cooperate in full with any and all police instructions without compromise.

Local licensed premises liaison

Pink Punters cooperate with the Pubwatch scheme and is fully committed to attending and supporting regularly scheduled meetings.

We will review the impact that the Neighbourhood Policy has had and will work with the police and local authorities to refine it if required before encouraging other pubs and clubs to consider their own policies.

Emergency Services

Awareness and training are key factors in all safety matters. We will establish and maintain better working relationships with our local emergency services. In many cases, supporting their initiatives will in turn support our own. We will look to them for advice, guidance and where necessary training.

We will continue to allow them access to our extensive facilities as a training venue.

Taxi & Minicabs

Taxi & Minicab

Pink Punters and Milton Keynes Council are working in partnership to clamp down on illegal and unlicensed taxi and mini cab drivers serving the club.

The Hackney Carriage and Private Hire Licensing and Enforcement Dept have outlined their requirements in order to cut down on crime and improve passenger safety in relation to taxis and mini cabs

We take our customers safety very seriously and we want to ensure that they get to and from the club as safely as possible.We have therefore committed ourselves to a safety improvement program that goes way beyond the minimum requirements laid down by the authorities.

Amongst others, we will introduce;

  • Safety Notices & Leaflets
  • Website Warnings
  • Staff Training
  • Monitored Recorded CCTV
  • Automatic Number Plate Recognition
  • Police Liaison
  • MK Licensing/Enforcement Liaisons

There is a dedicated telephone hotline in place for our nearest neighbours to report anything requiring immediate attention.

This is designed to reassure them that if they have any problems they can contact a senior manager who will resolve the matter much sooner.

Formal Inspections

The club has an open door policy to all of the authorities. We are happy to cooperate with formal inspections conducted by the police, licensing authorities or other official bodies at any time.

Security Team

People who come to Pink Punters anticipate a great night out. They expect good entertainment in a fun filled, safe, trouble and crime free environment. The principal purpose and objective of our security team is to ensure that this happens. History tells us that people do not come to our club with the intention of causing trouble or committing a crime.

We are very proud of the quality of all our staff and their growing commitment to our purpose, vision and values but safety has to be our number one priority in all cases.

Every member of our team is registered and trained according to the Security Industry Authority (SIA) standards. However, every year Pink Punters makes a considerable investment in further staff training. It is the intention that our staff will attain National Vocational Qualifications in ‘Providing Security Services’. Additionally they will become trained Fire Wardens and First Aiders.

Their roles and responsibilities in the prevention and management of safety and security related events are crucial and there will be no compromise in training, equipment or procedures. When it comes to safety,

'Good enough' - is never good enough!!

Pink Punters staff are renowned for their professional standards, attitudes and behaviours even in the face of some very difficult circumstances. Improved knowledge and better skills coupled with the right attitudes and behaviours will ensure we continue to make steady progress towards our vision of being recognised as a "World Class" Lesbian, Gay, Bi-sexual and Transgender venue.

Door Supervision

Exclusion Policy

People who pose a threat to the safety, security or enjoyment of the club are excluded from entry. If already inside the premises they will be asked to leave by management and/or security staff.

This applies to everyone and includes those already on the "Bar Watch" list.

Proof of Age Standards Scheme (PASS)

It is important to protect young people from harm and as such those who look under 21 will be challenged and must provide evidence that they are over 18 before being allowed into the club.

The Proof of Age Standards Scheme (PASS) is the UK's national guarantee scheme for proof-of-age cards. Pink Punters actively encourages all young people to consider a PASS card as the prefered and guaranteed form of ID.

Other acceptable forms of I.D. include a driving license or passport.

All Proof of I.D. cards MUST display the PASS hologram.