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In January 1966 the new Road Safety Bill was introduced. It set a limit of 80mg of alcohol in 100cc of blood and it became an offence to drive when over this limit.

In 1967 the breathalyser was introduced as a way of testing a person's blood alcohol level.

The introduction of the drink drive limit has dramatically reduced the number of accidents caused by being drunk when driving. However, campaigners and the government continue to promote the "Don't drink and drive" message.

For decades now, governments, police forces and health services around the world have warned of the dangers of drinking and driving. Watch this 1957 anti drink driving video and see what, if anything has changed - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uh30DWaOuzk

Pink Punters is believed to be the first licensed premises in the UK to initiate and lead on this subject. This is not because the owners believe there is a specific problem at the venue but because the owners realise that people drink and people drive full stop. It's not acceptable anywhere and its definitely not acceptable here. We set and maintain high standards of behaviour and we are not frightened to highlight and tackle any issues head on.

It is very important to us that people get here safely, remain safe at all times on site and afterwards get home without harming themselves or anyone else.

Pink Punters have an excellent relationship and is serviced very well by MKHCA Licensed Hackney (black) Cabs as well as our preferred licensed private hire company Skyline Taxis. Bearing in mind that Pink Punters is a national venue, we have the Campanile hotel just opposite and a deal with the Hilton Double Tree make staying over far more attractive than the consequences of drinking and driving.

Anybody leaving Pink Punters and suspected of being likely to drink drive will be challenged by security and area control staff who will advice against and assist with an alternative means of getting home. Anyone who ignores this advise will immediately be referred to a senior manager who will continue to advise and assist with an alternative to drink driving. Should an offender continue into their vehicle, management will instantly inform the police via the 999 system and regardless of conviction, ban the individual from the venue in future. We are encouraging increased police patrols not to get people caught but to discourage drink driving in the first place.

Since its 2007 Neighbourhood Policy Pink Punters has publically advocated a zero drink and drive policy and now in 2017 its time to step up our game. Many hundreds of people continue to be seriously injured or killed each year in the UK from drink driving. We are doing our bit, what are you doing?

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Pink Punters